Sun and Stars

“You’re too good for me,” he said. That was the last phrase that I wanted to hear that night, as I stood in front of him, my broken heart in my hands, begging him to take it.

“But I chose you,” I whispered. “You’re the only one who could see past everything. You knew me, inside and out, and I trusted you.”

“Yes… and knowing so much about you made me realize that I will never be worth it. That in your eyes, I will always be nothing.”

But you’re never nothing to me, I tried to say, but instead these words came out. “I bet, in her eyes, you are the sun and stars.”

I saw hints of pain and anger on his face. “Yes, while for you I’m just dirt. A parasite who can’t do anything on his own.”

If my heart was already broken, his words crushed it even more.

“You may not be the sun and stars to me,” I told him. “But I valued you more than my own life.”

As if waking up from a trance, he took me in his arms and whispered these words. “I love you, okay? But it will never be enough to deserve you.”

When my mind cried I love you more, it dawned to me that he could be right.


Writing 101: Give and Take — Write a post based on the contrast between two things. Write your post in the form of a dialogue.


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