This moment. Sitting on a cushioned leather chair in your favorite café, your choice of pasta—tomato and herb linguine—and a regular cup of today’s featured brew on the wooden table. It’s a quarter past one in the afternoon. Your dentist was late for your 11:00 appointment, and so you have to take your lunch an hour late as well. It’s not surprising that the place is almost empty at this time, because there are only a few people like you who would choose to have their lunch in a coffee shop, alone. Well, in your country’s culture, generally speaking.

You pick up the fork and start twirling your pasta against a spoon, because that’s the proper way of eating it according to one of your colleagues. You take your first bite, chewing ever so slowly because braces are one of today’s modern torture devices, and you are finding it hard to choose which jaw is the right side for chewing.

And that’s when he comes.

He looks really smart with his long-sleeved dark grey polo shirt and black slacks and clean haircut. Your optical nerves just sent a cute guy alert to your brain. “Can I?” He asks, gesturing at the seat across from you, and though you know that there are a lot of lonely tables around where he can sit and not make you unnecessarily self-conscious while eating linguine, you say “sure,” with a shrug and a smile. You try to make room on the table, but he says it’s fine and there’s no need. You move your tray anyway.

After taking your second, third, and fourth bite, you take a sip from your coffee cup while giving the stranger a side-way glance.


Writing 101: A Room with a View (or Just a View)If you could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now?


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