I am a grain of sand. One of the countless grains trapped in this glass with two faces – the top, and the bottom. My life changes every 60 seconds.

Right now I’m at the very bottom, the first one to fall the moment the glass turned. It’s not a position you’d want. It gets heavier every second as grains fall over me, squeezing through the spaces, until I have no more room for breathing. I have no choice but to carry the weight, and wait for the glass to flip. Just five more seconds.





And now I’m on top, the highest point any grain could ever reach. The summit. But I’m still not happy. Every second, gravity pulls me lower and lower, farther from the top, closer to the ground. As if telling me it’s not my place. That the only way is to go down. Three seconds and I’ll reach the midpoint.



I’m at the middle of the glass. The transition point. In a second the glass will turn and I’ll reach the bottom again.

And the cycle goes on…


Unless the glass breaks.

And the wind carries me away where I can finally breathe. 


Written for Readwave’s Creative Challenge: A Lot Can Happen in a Minute


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