Signs and Bravery

I asked for a sign… that if I see you today, then you are also thinking of me right now, feeling the same way. And that if I do, I’d know that waiting for you is the right thing to do. That you really are the one for me. That no matter what happened in the past, I should still wait for you.

I scanned every face in the crowd in anticipation… and fear. Every minute made me feel more stupid than I already was.

And then there you were, on the other side of the street.

If only the light wasn’t red, you would have walked straight to where I was. You would have seen me. But the light was red, and it was up to me to wait for you.

I counted five seconds. Should I wait? Should I wave my hand? Should I shout your name?

Your head was about to turn my way when I looked away and walked swiftly just before the light turned green.


It was just a coincidence, I told myself. Signs don’t exist.



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