Susan Pevensie

I was supposed to write about ASLAN, because he is my favorite book character, but then while thinking about Narnia I suddenly remembered Susan Pevensie who, according to Peter, was “no longer a friend of Narnia.” After Prince Caspian, I was actually hoping that she would remember Narnia and come back before The Last Battle ends, but then she did not. For me Susan Pevensie is the saddest part of The Chronicles of Narnia.


For this prompt, I choose to have a heart-to-heart talk with Susan primarily because I feel that I’m becoming like her, and it scares me. Susan stayed, not knowing that there was actually a better place prepared for her, and I don’t want to lead the same path. If can make Susan remember Narnia, then maybe there’s still hope for me.

“Remember when you first set foot in Narnia?” I’ll ask her. “At first you did not believe Lucy that such a place exists. But then you did. And you loved it. You helped save the land from the curse of winter. You brought back Christmas! You were a hero. You were crowned as Queen Susan the Gentle. You were named as such because that is who you are – a beautiful young lady with a gentle heart. You refuse to beat someone who has been beaten already.”

“How about your first encounter with Aslan? Can you still recall? It was at the Stone Table, the same place where He would sacrifice His life for your brother Edmund’s sake. Remember how he made you feel? Warm. Happy. Safe. Aslan was never a tame Lion. He was always strong enough to protect you. How can you choose to forget someone as great as that?”

“The second time you doubted Lucy, it was because you were overwhelmed with fear and unbelief. What did Aslan tell you when he showed himself to you? He said, ‘You have listened to your fears, child. Come, let me breathe on you.’ I was really crying while reading that part, if you only knew, Susan. How is it that you’ve easily forgotten these words?”

“And then Aslan said that you will not be coming back to Narnia because you’re getting old. How did that make you feel? Was sadness the reason why you chose to forget? Were nylons and lipsticks and invitations able to replace that hole in your heart? Peter was able to come back, Susan, though you were with him when Aslan said he won’t. Why did you choose to be stubborn when you could have followed your heart?”

“Tell me, Susan, don’t you miss Peter and Edmund and Lucy? Don’t you wish you were wrapped in Aslan’s arms at this very moment?”

“I believe it’s never too late to come back. They’re waiting for you.”


Daily Prompt: It Builds Character



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