Here’s a Treat!

A new story idea is always a treat right? Here’s something I’m trying to work on:


treeThey say that in order to know the age of the tree, you have to look through a section of that tree, and count the number of its concentric rings. The number of rings signifies the number of years the tree has lived. However, to be able to count the rings, one must first cut the tree, and in the process, end its life.

This brutal method is not necessary for a certain tree, which will be the center of this story. It is called The Tree of Witness, whose age can be measured by the number of paired names inscribed on its trunk. These inscriptions are called The Markings.

The Tree of Witness has played a vital role in the history of Kerish — a land whose royalties and rulers were selected through a lifetime of training and tests, and not by bloodline or lineage. Every ten years, a man and a woman would rise as victors of the Challenge of Kerish, and will be crowned as the new King and Queen of the land. As a seal to their vow of truth and service to Kerish and to each other, both are to inscribe their names on The Tree of Witness. And thus, they are bound forever.


Daily Prompt: Trick or Treat

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