HIGH is the new YOU

There’s no way but up. I am the Queen Ant. I am the chosen one. I have been destined to start a strong and mighty colony since the day I was born.

I thought I am ready, but truth is I’m not.

“Why do you look so sad, my Queen?” Antoine. My warrior and my shield. The love of my life. I will never see him again after tonight.

“You know why, Antoine.” I whisper, careful that someone might hear.

“But it is your Nuptial Flight dear Queen, you must look nothing but radiant on this very special day.” He says, as if it doesn’t matter to him. As if I don’t matter to him.

“How can you even say that? I’d rather die than marry someone I don’t love. Antoine, please, let’s just run away. If you love me, don’t make me do this. Just tell me not to fly, and I won’t.”

“My dear Antarra, keeping you from being the Queen that you’re destined to be is not love, but greed. You have to fly… far away from here… and meet your true King.”

“But Antoine, I don’t need a King, I need you. Why are you pushing me away?” I say in tears.

“Your Highness, it’s time for the Nuptial Flight.” It’s Anteron, the captain of the Ant Guards. I see every ant in my colony bowing down. It really is time.

I close my eyes and listen to Antoine’s voice.

“Fly high my Queen. Embrace the new you, and never look back.”



A response to Daily Prompt: __________ is the new __________.

4th and 14th word from my favorite blog: http://www.ayoungblog.com/post/51133228407/me-in-junior-high-we-have-calculators-for-a


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