Seasons of You


I saw you and I felt something in me come to life. It has been a long winter and I’ve gotten used to the cold routine of hiding inside the igloo I built around myself, minding my own business. Seeing you made me want to break my walls of ice so you could see me. So I did. And then life began to catch up on me.



You saw me and I began to feel the warmth. We started exchanging glances until it wasn’t enough to just look. You made your way to me, and my heart opened up and bloomed for you. All things were bright and beautiful, but none of them compared to you.



You saw her and I felt the end of summer. One by one, your fingers let go of mine like withered leaf falling from your branch. My heart reached the ground numb and broken. You stepped on me like some worthless thing and left just like that.



I saw you with her and I just died. I looked away as shards of ice filled my soul. I found a place where you would never go, and there started building my new wall. One that’s thicker and sturdier.  This will be a longer winter. I just know.


A response to Daily Prompt: Mid-Season Replacement


6 thoughts on “Seasons of You

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