The curtains are drawn and I hear the soft applause as I appear before the audience. It is a beautiful night for music of the purest kind – bare and unplugged. I walk towards the center where the microphone awaits, wearing the simple flowing red dress that I picked specifically for this event.

I hear you strum the acoustic guitar you love and my heart beats fast.

This song is for you.


“It’s amazing how you

Can speak right through my heart.

Without saying a word,

You can light up the dark…” 

“Try as I may I can never explain

What I hear when you don’t say a thing…”


Perhaps I chose this song to let you know what you are to me. The light at the end of my tunnel. The silver lining of my dark cloud. The pot of gold at my rainbow’s end.

I see their dreamy smiles as they listen to my gentle voice, but I can picture only one smile in my mind.



“The smile on your face

Lets me know that you need me.

There’s a truth in your eyes

Saying you’ll never leave me”

I close my eyes and dream of you. If only I can run to you once this song is over. If only no one would mind…

But they do. They are all watching us.


“The touch of your hand

Says you’ll catch me…”

So we only have this moment. We only have this song. Each note you make is a key to my soul.  Let’s savor this while the lights are low.

“You say it best

When you say nothing at all.”


A response to Daily Prompt: Bloggers, Unplugged


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