September 28, 2016

I stare out the window, smiling as I stir my coffee. It’s a lovely Wednesday. Today marks my second anniversary in the company I’d been praying for since I started taking MBA classes, and my idea of celebration is to stay at home, sit by the window, and write.


Oh writing. I can still remember the day I started to blog and answer daily writing prompts. It was three years ago, at a time when I thought that nothing I say would matter. I was so lonely then, nursing a broken heart that I tried so hard not to acknowledge, only to realize that everything I wrote was related to it.

They say pain can either make or break you. What did it do to me? Both.

I remember feeling so broken that my mind refused to believe that there’s a cure. I remember thinking that I’d never be whole again, that each day of my life I’d walk carrying that empty cold space in my heart. It was frightening.

But then it made me a better person. The tears have somehow cleansed my eyes of all the illusion. The path became clearer. I began to learn who I really am – what I’m meant to do, and where I’m meant to go.

And since then I decided to live with purpose each day. To focus on what I have instead of what I don’t have. I found joy in cultivating my gifts, knowing that one can never stop learning.

With my determined spirit, I finished graduate school last August 2014. And while still happy with the company I was working for during that time, I decided to follow my heart and send my six-pager CV to the company of my dreams. And as you already know, I got in after a series of almost nervous breakdowns.

Life became easier since then, but I never stopped doing what I loved most – writing. From random blogging three years ago, words just flowed and I started submitting my works to editors and publishers. The day that one of my articles made it to print was the happiest day of my life.

Everything happened so fast since then.

And now, on the day that I decided to rest and reflect, I realize that I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.

Yes, partly because of my job and the success of my write-ups, but the main reason is that…

After three years of not feeling anything, I’m finally in love.


A response to Daily Prompt: Ebb and Flow


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