We all know the story


Snow White

She barely had a bite of the poisoned apple when she fell to the ground, lifeless. For three days the seven dwarves mourned, and for her they made a coffin made of glass. Even then, she was the fairest of them all — white as snow, red as blood. In her deep sleep on a mountain in the woods, she waited for her prince to come and help her spit the poison from her mouth.

Sleeping Beauty

One who was both blessed and cursed. In her sixteenth year she pricked herself with a spindle, making her fall into a very deep sleep. The queen did everything for her to come back to life, but the misery only brought her to her grave. For a hundred years the princess waited in her dreams for a man with a pure heart to love her and break the spell with a kiss.


The mistreated one who was given a chance. In her beautiful disguise she was able to capture the heart of the prince, but the fear of him knowing the truth made her leave him with nothing but a shoe. News came that the prince was seeking for the shoe’s owner, and covered in cinder she waited for him to find her – the perfect fit.


 The damsel in a high tower without a door. She had magnificent long hair, fine as spun gold. Every day she would let down her hair for the enchantress, but in her heart she waited for a man to climb her walls and take her away.

Little Mermaid

The one who traded a tail and a tongue for two feet. With pain each day she danced with grace for the prince, waiting for the day that he’d fall for her and be granted an immortal soul.


Only Belle was different. She did not wait idly for some handsome prince to find her. She was the one who saved the Beast – the prince who was waiting for her to find him.

We all know the story.


A response to Daily Prompt: A Bend in Time


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