The Life of i


My name is i, and I welcome you to my iRoom – the place where I’ve spent my entire 27 years. It’s the best place in the world.

“Wake up i, it’s 8 in the morning,” says my iAlarm, an alarm clock embedded in my iPillow. And so I rise from my warm iBed, sit on my iChair, and press the button that will take me to my iTable for breakfast.

On top of the iTable is the iMenu, from where I will select my breakfast for today. I touch the box that says Egss Ben, and a hole forms at my iTable from where my breakfast comes out. You may take a look at the iMenu and have breakfast with me, don’t be shy. Baked ziti for you? Perfect.

While you’re enjoying your food, let me just take a look at my activities for the day. My iPlanner does a perfect job in organizing my schedule. It’s good that you visited on a Saturday because I don’t have online classes and I can entertain your questions.

“After eating breakfast, you’ll take a bath and make yourself look presentable for an interview with an iJournal staff. The will take pictures,” my iPlanner instructs. You’re lucky my iBathroom has a perfect grooming facility. I hope you don’t ask personal questions in the interview. I’m not seeing anyone anyway.

If you’re done eating, then please excuse me, I’ll just take a shower. I press the shower button, and my iChair leads me to the iBathroom. The door slides open and, well, this part doesn’t have to be said in detail right? I’ll be back in a few…


I’m back.

Hope I look smart enough for the photos. I’m ready for your questions.

So, who made the iRoom?

My dad. He has been known for his contributions to technology even before I was born, but my condition inspired him to research more and invent more. As you can see, I’m a cripple, and this iChair is the most important thing in this room. I can feel dad’s love for me everytime I sit on this chair.

I also have a strange skin condition. I get burns when exposed to sunlight. Maybe my mom read a lot of vampire stories while I was in her womb. She never admitted it.

That’s why the iRoom was made. This is the place where I’ll be for the rest of my life. Good thing technology has made everything easier for someone like me.

I now after this interview a lot of people would wish for a room same as this. But hear this from someone who’s been living in a box for the past 27 years — real life’s better.

Next question?


A response to Daily Prompt: 2100

I’m not really sure if the i’s would still be in during that time..


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