Once, I was a very small cylindrical egg, laid on a leaf that my mother has chosen for me. I didn’t know anything about the world. I didn’t even have an idea of how I would look like, and what my purpose for living would be … until I hatched.

And I was so ugly, with wrinkles all over my body. Ever so slowly I learned how to crawl on the leaf that cradled me. I also learned how to eat of it.  Call me ungrateful, but that was the way I was supposed to live then. To absorb nourishment and become stronger. To prepare myself for the next stage, which I heard was the hardest.

Pupa. That’s what I am right now. Everything is dark, but I can feel the change happening inside of me. The pain in waiting is nothing compared to the excitement of what I am about to become. Something beautiful. Something of great value.  It’s about to happen any moment now…







The hiding is over.

I spread my wings and dance with the wind.


A response to Daily Prompt: Celebrate Good Times


8 thoughts on “Metamorphosis

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