The Tweak Fairy


I am the Tweak Fairy, a Love Specialist. You probably haven’t heard about me, but I’m positive we’ve met once or twice in your life. You’re not supposed to remember so don’t try.

I know Cupid is the famous one, but know that my job is very different from his. What he does is make random people fall for each other. Based on our study, the probability that a Cupidized love will last forever is only close to 45%. This is because hitting a heart with a charmed arrow and forcing it to love is not really the best foundation of a strong relationship. The heart will always yearn for its rightful pair.

Now, what does a tweak fairy do?

I create what you people call coincidence. I make serendipity happen for the right people. Remember when they say that there’s no such thing as coincidence? It’s true. Everything is bound to ensue.

Now, if an event is not going as smoothly as planned, I come and tweak the situation in order to maintain the order of things. And I am about to start a coincidence here at the Hearstrings Cafe.

Right now everything is still, as it always is whenever I wave my tweaking wand. No a trace of movement or sound. Only the crisp aroma of coffee and cinnamon remains, and I love it this way. Stillness is my strength.

I walk soundlessly towards the table I’ve been watching for hours now.

You see, I know a yearning heart when I see one, and it is the easiest to tweak. Creating the littlest opportunity, like simply setting the eyes to the right sight, is enough to make the yearning heart quicken. The case I’m in right now is the exact opposite.

The heart that no longer yearns is the hardest to tweak.

The people sitting at the table in front of me are Christof and Leidy. They are old friends who did not have the opportunity to see each other in the last fifteen years.

Leidy married Theo, a random dancer she met at a friend’s party, all thanks to Cupid. I was supposed to intervene but Cupid put me in a trance with his charm. That’s another story.

After giving her three beautiful children, Theo left her for another woman – his first love. And after her tears have all dried up, Leidy swore to not give love a chance again.

Christof, on the other hand, never married. He became so immersed in his writing career that left everything here for fame as a playwright in Paris. He made love with countless women, but none of them was able to touch his heart. He never gave love a chance.

On this fine day, Christof decided to visit the homeland he missed and here he found Leidy, sitting alone with a cup of jasmine tea while reading a tattered book. The Great Gatsby.

They were beyond happy for this serendipitous moment and I thought everything was working out.  To my great dismay, Leidy was back to Gatsby while Christof just stirred his coffee after a few hours of catching up.

This is not how it should be.

Without an intervention these two people will just part ways again, carrying their whole yet lifeless hearts with them. Leidy would find fulfilment in her children while Christof would find it in his plays. But in my integrity as a tweak fairy I won’t let that be.

They are made for each other. I just need to give it a little shake.

So now, while everything is still, I take Leidy’s book from her hand and place it on her lap. I move one of her hands over the book, and the other I place halfway on the table. I reach for Christof’s free hand and place it gently over Leidy’s, and on their joined hands I wave my tweaking wand.


A response to Daily Prompt: Standstill


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