Of Mutants and Robots


In the year 2980, when so much have altered in the earth’s environment, human mutation and robotics has become two of the most prominent business industries in the world.

To date, Michelangelo Laboratories, the top mutant laboratory in terms of outstanding innovations to the human body, is the home of 3,046 new breeds, 1,307 trainees, and 792 black belts. Agent Bell is from the last group mentioned.

Now, the life of a black belt is never easy. Agent Bell had to make a lot of sacrifices to get the job she has coveted her whole life, part of which is her love life. It’s not that black belts are not allowed to be in a romantic relationship, it’s just that with her unique ‘gift,’ it will be really hard to find a match.

Agent Bell is a Soul Reader. She can access any soul that’s within a fifty foot radius, and has the ability to alter its emotion as she wills it. Not one of the most attractive qualities to men.

It was then the surprise of everyone in the lab when she came one morning with a bounce in her steps and glow in her eyes.

“You look different today Bell,” her best friend Agent Shay, a Water Master, was the first curious soul to ask.

“Different how?”

“You seem so happy, everyone noticed. And we’re not soul readers.”

Agent Bell smiled and took a sip from her coffee cup.


“I met someone,” she confessed, eyes fixed on her coffee.

“Oh my God Bell! That’s NEWS! Who’s the lucky man? Do I know him? Does he work here? Gosh, I’m so happy for you!”

“Hey, hey, relax! I just said I met someone, we’re not even friends yet… it’s just that, I’ve accidentally accessed his soul, and I felt something so strong and then I knew…”

“That was beyond romantic, Bells! When was this?”

“You remember the mayhem last night at Jupiter Square?”

“It caused so much traffic, how can I forget?”

“Well, he was there and… don’t freak out okay?”

“I won’t, promise.”

“He was the one who started the commotion.”

“Wait, I thought it was a malfunctioning robot?”

“It was… but I sensed him Shay! At first I was not sure if the signal was really from him because robots are not supposed to feel, so I tried to make him feel angry. And then he tried to hit me with a forklift!

Shay just blinked at her five times.


A response to Daily Prompt: Non Sequitur


That was fun! XD

This story must be continued, don’t you think?


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