Because I’m Brilliant

I’m not the most active of students. I’m one that usually sits at the back corner, as far away from the professor’s searching eyes as possible. It’s not that I’m not prepared for class or anything, it’s just the way I am. The quiet listener by the classroom door.

I’d say I’m smart. I am in love with both words and numbers. When they say that those good in Math are bad in English, my inner pride would swell in the fact that I’m an exception. And not to brag or anything, I also love the Arts.

So, why I am saying this? I just want to establish the fact that I’m a brilliant person, at least in this page, because people don’t see it right away. Especially not in class, where all I do is sit and listen and take notes, and where I don’t usually get the good grades (because though I do most of the group papers, I let my team mates report the whole thing for the sake of contribution, and so they get the spotlight.) Which is not fair, because again I say, I am brilliant. Just not brave enough to show it.

Now, if you’d ask me what a great teacher (or professor) is, it is this – someone who can see my brilliance by just looking, and then make an effort to help me show it.


I feel very blessed to have met some.

First was my grade school choir teacher, who discovered that I can sing the alto part very well. This event marked the beginning of my love for Music. Years later, during my teens and early twenties, I broke out of my shell and began singing in front of huge crowds. And no, it’s not karaoke.

Second was my journalism teacher. She handpicked me as one of the writers for the school paper when I still had no idea that I could write. From then began my love affair with literature.  I never missed a book review and I wrote poetry on every leaf of my notebook.

Third, was my high school Math teacher, who would call me when no one’s raising a hand. I’d then write my solution on the board and be surprised that my answer’s correct. She was the only teacher who was actually sorry that I did not get a medal during graduation. Her faith in me gave me confidence to pursue a degree in Statistics. Yes, I was able to finish the course, and this time, with a medal.

I will not forget to mention my parents – my first teachers, my first believers. Not only did they encourage me to give my best in everything that I do, they have also imparted in me something very important – faith.

Because of the excellence and the values they have instilled in me, I never got tired of learning. Which is why it is not surprising that right now, as I’m about to finish my MBA, I’m already planning on taking another course.

When asked why I keep on studying, I just reply with a smile.  Saying “because I’m brilliant” would not give the right impression no matter how true it is. But seriously, my answer is this:

I want to be great, so I can impart this greatness to others too.

The same way my teachers did.


A Response to Daily Prompt: We Can Be Taught! 


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